Chairman Message


Throughout the last 52 years of Nasir bin Abdullah and Sons, Qatar has seen drastic economic development. It is now recognized as one of the fastest and most successful economies and is continuing to develop in this positive manner. Since
1961 our company has been an active participant in this development, we are involved in many areas that support the infrastructure of our country and we hope to continue this successful development, both for our organization and for Qatar.

We believe that the distinction of products and services is the reason for becoming an established, reputable, global organization. We have a
high caliber workforce, which in turn is led by an extremely capable and diligent management and operations team. Whilst striving to advance ourselves at any opportunity through constant improvement, we are able to expand and grow yet maintain a high standard for both customers and employees.

We have spread our operations over several regions and countries, forming partnerships with many global organizations, although we hold the opinion that it is important to always support

local businesses when possible. It is imperative that we contribute to the local economy by facilitating trade, increasing the human resource capabilities, supporting businesses and investing in the local community. We appreciate that any successful partnership requires a huge amount of trust, dedication and perseverance, when we join forces we can quite often aim higher, move more rapidly and achieve more than if we were working alone.

I am proud of what we have achieved throughout the past 5 decades, particularly how we have transposed our thinking and ambition into tangible business opportunities.

Today, I am committed to preserving the original principles and foundations upon which the company was built and now succeeds; hard work, dedication, innovation.

A respectable enterprise should not only excel in achieving profit, but most importantly be eager to undertake its responsibilities to the consumer and the environment, it is important to balance the growth of the business and the effectiveness in society.

In the future, development of the NAS group will certainly create increasingly significant and far- reaching impacts to the economy, the society and the environment.